Project Management

Our Practice

The Delaware Bankshall approach to developing aquaculture projects is focused on success.  We are committed to our clients and to using our methodology to develop and deliver a financially viable aquaculture project.

The following summarizes how a project may develop.

The Inquiry

It starts with your first contact. We organize a meeting with you at a location that suits best. This could be at proposed site or your office.

The Proposal

We build a proposal with your ideas and our answered questions from that first contact. This will be a custom proposal based on the specific early requirements of your project.  A scope of work is proposed and an estimate of cost is provided. 

The Work

All work we perform is under contract and retainer.  Delaware Bankshall is a partner in your project, a true stakeholder. We focus on the goals of a successful development phase and seamless transition to production.

Client-Consultant Meetings

We always begin our consulting work with a meeting with our client in the country where the project is proposed.  This allows all the stakeholders to communicate their ideas about the project in a relevant setting, each party sharing ideas and solutions for the work ahead.

Site Analysis and/or Search

With solid project goals, we then proceed with the technical task of identifying the most suitable location(s) for the aquaculture project.  Our experience in aquaculture site selection allows Delaware Bankshall to narrow the range and scope of the search process to locations the greatest potential. High potential areas will be visited and qualified. Directly following, a detailed aquaculture site analysis will be undertaken.

Determining Feasibility

Every project we develop must first pass our feasibility vetting process, a system of screening projects that enhances the probability of your success in the aquaculture business.

Project Development

Delaware Bankshall will deliver crucial technical support and leadership to ensure the project is developed in correct manner abiding by local, state and federal guidelines and laws. We do have a minimum project size requirement of million USD, which we feel is the absolute minimum required investment required for commercial aquaculture development.

Design, Engineering, and Construction

The ideal design will be developed for your selected site and species. Every project has unique features. All designs will seek to maximize the natural features of the site in a sustainable way, with particular focus on engineering highly efficiency operations. All designs are developed by certified civil and aquaculture engineers working in close collaboration with the entire project team. Construction is typically handled locally with guidance from Delaware Bankshall.

Training & Operations

Before project completion, we make sure that the “farm” will be run according to our operational plan.  This may require 6-12 months of intensive training, or in cases where our client prefers we manage the project long term.